Mission Statement

  • To maintain the famed Newport Jazz Festival® and the Newport Folk Festival® in perpetuity, to be presented at historic locations, including Fort Adams State Park and other facilities in Newport, RI.
  • To continue the Newport Jazz Festival® as it has since 1954 in the presentation of the greatest jazz performers who follow the traditions of New Orleans, swing, bebop and modal as the core and heart of jazz music; and to continue the Newport Folk Festival® by maintaining the excellence of folk artists as it has since 1959, in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and others.
  • To realize that jazz and folk music as with any art form, is an ever-evolving cultural expression which encourages and recognizes the freedom of creativity necessary to the growth and continuing vitality of this music.
  • To present performers who respect and honor folk music traditions, and at the same time reflect the changes in today’s musical trends.
  • To present all forms of jazz and folk music from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • To educate young people about jazz and folk music as presented at the NJF and NFF through the establishment of partnerships with schools and colleges/universities.
  • To bring jazz artists from around the world to the festival, since jazz is no longer just “America’s music”, but has influenced musicians from all over the globe.
  • To create partnerships around the world which would invite American musicians under the Newport Jazz Festival® or Newport Folk Festival® banner to their festivals.


Photo: Pete Seeger’s banjo, 2009 Newport Folk Festival, ©Melanie Nañez